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And Tips On Growing Trends...

SEO changes as search engines continue to evolve, add new features, and adjust their algorithms; this makes optimising of even greater importance than before. The base principles of search engine optimisation are always going to be present, strategies of how, what, and where will change but the importance of SEO is only likely to increase.

There will always be certain elements of SEO strategies that need to change to adapt slightly different approach. For example, at the end of 2019 Google announced BERT (Source: BERT helps Google to understand topics and concepts behind content rather than just focusing on keywords within the content. Although, keywords are important they don’t carry the same weight anymore. Its better to optimise your content for readability and answering users’ questions.

Boosts Local Business

SEO still remains one of the best ways to acquire clients for locally orientated businesses. If optimised correctly your website can lead in local search results for your expertise as Google tailors search results to your location. This is especially important with the current pandemic, as our reliance on search engines has greatly increased.

Local Business

Better Understanding Of Your Clients

With SEO comes monitoring and reporting, some view this as overrated but it often will give businesses a different view on their clients and prospects. This can give very valuable insights into the behavior of users on your site and enables you to further tailor your site to suit the requirements of your clients. Reports can show the most visited pages, and where users spent the most time, giving you an increased understanding of what your clients are looking for from your company.

Brand Awareness

You may have the most remarkable, unique products or services; however, that is of little use if individuals don’t find you on the web. As we mostly only buy from brands and businesses that we trust or recognise as trustworthy, increasing your brand awareness is key. Being on the first page of search results helps you to build brand awareness with your audience as if Google has allowed a site to rank well, it must be trustworthy.

Brand awareness

Trend Tips

Here are a couple of trends to ensure your SEO strategy is still relevant. SEO is never going to die, its as long as search engines are here SEO will be too. Its more that your strategy might lose its edge and become obsolete, so its highly important to keep up with the changes as they evolve.


Voice search – This has come a long way in the last couple of years and it looks like it is here to stay.

Content is King – due to Google BERT update mentioned above, high quality content is more important than ever. Regardless of whether you place in the top search items for a concise period, if you fail to capture the interests of the clients who advance onto your site, your rankings will undoubtedly decrease with time.

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In Conclusion

SEO needs long term focus, its not “press go and forget” by any means although with the right strategy it can drive traffic and leads on autopilot as such.  It will take a lot of time and effort to get a website into the vision of Google to make the top ranks, especially if your domain is relatively new. SEO is undoubtedly still highly important for businesses, older methods and practices have died so it’s a must to constantly review and realign strategies. The concept of optimising search engines is always going to be key, if people start to think its not important that is likely to be due to the fact their strategy is no longer working and they haven’t kept up with algorithm changes or re-assessed their  tactics.

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