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Website Hosting

We only offer premium hosting, its super-fast and includes SSL certificates as standard. SSL certificates help build user trust as it allows for authentication and encryption of personal data that you may type into a website. It also helps with SEO as sites with SSL certificates are favoured by Google.
Our packages are not only for new websites but existing sites too – swapping over from your existing supplier is simple.

Hosting can be added to a website maintenance package or as a package on its own, however, we do highly recommend combining it with maintenance.

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Website Maintenance

Many don’t realise the importance of continual maintenance on their website. Think of a website like a piece of machinery or your car, it will not maintain itself. In order for optimal performance it will need regular and consistent maintenance.

Maintenance is also the key to ensuring your site is always optimised and free from bugs or broken components. This enables greater user experiences and in turn should increase the conversion rate from your site.

As part of our ongoing maintenance contracts, we ensure all security features are updated and regular back-ups of your website are taken. This is of utmost importance for every website. If some of your team have access to the back-end of your site to for example upload new project images or blog posts, there is always a possibility that they could break some code. However, if this happens we can quickly and easily restore your website to an earlier version with minimal downtime.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

We sometimes get told by clients that they don’t require maintenance or updates on their site, our reply is simply a question: If you left your car outside in a field and did not use it at all for 1 year, having had no services or MOT’s would you expect it to be in full working order? If in fact your car had not been vandalised or stolen completely, its most likely that at least the battery would be flat. This simple illustration applies very much to your website. Without continual updates it won’t be the well lubricated machine it once was and will become more and more vulnerable to brute force hacking. This could then result in security breaches if your site is collecting clients’ data.
Contact us to find out more about maintenance on your website.

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Website Audits

We will provide you with a report on the health and SEO ranking of your site including Key Words.

Also, we will check the plugins and platform is up to date and suggest changes to make your website run more efficiently and effectively.

Using WordPress and running on an old version? Upgrading to the latest version of WordPress ensures all your security settings are fully functioning to prevent hacking and malware attacks.

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