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And How Has COVID-19 Increased That Value?

With the COVID-19 pandemic spread across almost every country in the world, usage of the internet has drastically increased. Having professional website design and development has never been as crucial as it is today.

The virus hasn’t only changed the way many businesses work it has also altered consumer behaviour and habits. It is now more important than ever to use professional design to effectively portray your products or services, company culture and brand.

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So, what is design? Design is much more than just how something looks; it’s how it functions. UX designer, Irene Au once said: “Good design is like a refrigerator – when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.”


We all know that competition is good for business, but that doesn’t lessen the need to keep ahead of your competitors. What better way to do that, than online? Using professional web design can greatly increase your online presence and give your site more authority and credibility over other sites. With COVID-19 forcing more and more consumers to rely on the web to make purchases and obtain information, the reachable target market of your business is likely to have expanded. Ultimately meaning, with professional web design you have a greater opportunity to stand out from the crowd and have the upper hand over your competitors.

Increased Conversions

Professionally designed websites are created strategically to attract more quality leads and ultimately convert those leads.   Professional design will incorporate all the tips and tricks necessary to ensure a good percentage of visitors to your site will spend time there, make a purchase and, or contact your company. This will inevitably lead to an increase in revenue.


Search engines are constantly analysing sites to see if they are worthy of being shown to more individuals. Google favours sites that are well designed, user friendly and have relevant content.

A professional web design and development should mean your site is modern, properly indexed and has good quality content. The site should also be fully optimised for speed and different devices (Desktop, mobile & tablet). With all this, visitors to your site are more apt to spend time there and explore, so your bounce rate will reduce.   Hence, a pro designed site has a far greater prospect of ranking well and being found by potential clients.

First Impressions

Potential customers are looking online for your business or the products/services you offer, all the time. This mostly takes place without your organisation being alerted. Statistics show that we begin to develop impressions of what we see in under one-10th of a second. In no more than 7 seconds, we have determined whether we like or trust what we see.

Initial impressions are lasting and likely to always govern how consumers view organisations and brands.

Professional design will positively influence the impressions visitors to your site form.  It also enables you to build trust with prospects before you, or any member of your organisation have had any contact with them. No business, however small, should consider not having a professional web design.

Just having a website is no longer enough. Businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition and build long lasting client relationships must invest in professional web design and development.

By having a professional website design, you greatly increase the opportunities for your business. Especially during this pandemic, where social distancing practices and local lockdowns often make it difficult to visit physical stores and business premises. Consumers are turning to the web to find what they require.

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