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Responsive website design – what is it, and why do you need it? The rise in use of mobile devices has seen an increased need for websites to adapt and be fully functional across all types of devices. Having a website design that enables people to effectively browse on any device can drastically improve visitor experience.

Let’s face it, the number of people around the world with a mobile phone or device is only going to increase and so will the need for responsive website design.

What Is A Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design is there for the many times you look at website on your phone or tablet, it makes your browsing experience smooth and enjoyable.

However, a responsive website design, is different to a mobile friendly website. A truly responsive website design should be viewable on any size screen without distorting or misfunctioning.

Below are the top reasons why a responsive website design is so important:

Responsive design

Increased Search Engine Optimisation Performance

You would already be doing your company a disfavour by not having a responsive website design but even more so when Google’s core algorithm update arrives in May 2021. In this update, Google will be looking at the mobile friendliness/responsiveness and using this as a ranking signal. Meaning if your website doesn’t respond well on devices other than desktop, it is likely you will lose rankings once the update is pushed live.

A responsive website design should reduce bounce rates (increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your site) which will also help boost your place in search engine rankings.

Find out more about the benefits of SEO here: 6 Benefits of SEO For Your Business | Guzzbury Studio

Increase In Traffic

Over 65% of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. A responsive website design means anyone can view your website successfully, from anywhere…. even on a toilet break at work, which we’re all guilty of right?!

A web design that is responsive can easily be shared on social media from a mobile device. This will mean an increase in the number of social media shares of your site’s content and therefore a natural upturn in the number of visitors to your website.

Without a responsive website design, your website will be missing out on the opportunity of attracting a large percentage of your target audience.

Improved User Experience

This is possibly the greatest benefit of having a responsive web design. When users can easily navigate or browse your site on any device and quickly reach information, they will be more likely to return.

Websites that do not require zooming out or side scrolling when viewed on mobile are apt to encourage visitors to stay longer and view more of your website. No one wants to land on a site to be met with jumbled text, misaligned images and no simple way of finding the information you require. Improved user experiences will also contribute to the increased search engine optimization performance, as Google takes more notice of websites with a high visitor return rate and low bounce rate.

Higher Conversion Rates

Remember, your website represents your company. A responsive website design will show your potential clients you are a professional organisation and encourage them to do business with you. It can also help increase trust in your brand, which increases the potential for new clients and repeat/returned customers.

The increase of traffic to your website along with the SEO benefits and improved user experiences that a responsive website design brings, will enable your company to hit a higher ROI by increasing the conversion of visitors to clients.

The better experiences visitors have on your site the more traffic and higher conversion rates the website will generate. Hopefully you see by now, that having a responsive website design is no longer an option, it’s a must!

If your current website design is not responsive, it will cost to have it redesigned. However, the cost of a new responsive website design opposed to what it will cost your company not to do it, cannot be compared. Although the cost of not redesigning your website to be responsive, is in a way a hidden cost and can’t exactly be measured, the benefits of a responsive website design make it a ‘no brainer’. Contact us for help!

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