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Plus, How Exclaimer Can Help You Create The Perfect Email Signature?

An email signature is just as important as a company letterhead. It reflects not only on you but also on your organisation. Email signatures are basically an electronic business card, so, should definitely be a part of every organisations’ marketing plan.
The average number of emails sent per day for business communication is 40. That is an average of 200 per week, 800 per month…you get the idea! Email matters and having a professional email signature is not something you can afford to ignore.


Email signatures can be used as a valuable communication and marketing tool.
Signatures are a great way to showcase products, special offers or upcoming events. With Exclaimer, this is even easier. Create campaign banners and set them for your whole organisation or just certain departments.
The power of having a professional email signature is often underestimated. The truth is, it is key to creating a solid brand that clients and prospects know they can trust and rely on.

Professional Email Signature Design

Website Traffic

Having a link to your website on your email signature allows clients to easily access your site and saves them having to search for it. You can have this link go to the home page of your website or to a more specific page such as a product page if you feel that would be more relevant for your customers and potential clients.

Social Media

Want to increase your social presence? Why not add social buttons to your email signature? That way people you send emails to, can easily find your social media profile, and follow you.

New followers can help you build a bigger audience and engagement which leads to a greater online presence and therefore more potential clients.

Social Media Presence

What Makes A Good Email Signature?

Consistency – Make sure the design links in with your company branding. Ensure you use the correct logo and colours, and that these are the same as you have used in other marketing material such as your website and brochures. An email signature is a great way create greater awareness of your brand but having a design that isnt consistent with your brand can have a damaging effect. It’s also important to ensure you have consistency throughout your company, so all employees are using the same email signature design. This is not to say you can’t create variations of the design for different departments.

Simplicity – Don’t over complicate things, keep the design simple and easy on the eye. Too many graphics, text or links can look confusing. Include key contact details such as a telephone number and website address but don’t overdo it and try and have too many methods of contact shown.
A simple, clean design that uses the correct colours and is suitable aligned and spaced will give a much better impression than one that is overcrowded.

Legal – There are international email laws that require in some instances a legal disclaimer to be shown or at least linked to your email signature. The contents of the disclaimer you need will depend on the nature of your business. A disclaimer often includes copyright or confidentiality clauses that might relate to the contents of any emails you send.

How Can Exclaimer Help You Create the Perfect Email Signature?

Exclaimer is a leading email signature solution for Microsoft 365, G-Suite and Exchange. It allows you to easily manage email signatures for your team and means you never need to worry about adding your signature to your emails again – just hit send and Exclaimer will do the rest!

Exclaimer provides the perfect solution for managing email signatures in Microsoft 365 & Exchange and G Suite.


Create and control multiple signatures for different organisation departments from one location. Ensure every user in your organisation has consistent, branded signatures on every email they send whether from a PC, Mac or mobile device (Android & ios).
Exclaimer will deliver a professional email signature every time.

Exclaimer - The Best Email Signature Solutions

Exclaimer - Make Your Email Signatures Do More!

1. Users’ details are auto populated using data from your company’s directory (in Microsoft 365/Exchange or G Suite)
2. Ensure brand consistency and exposure by including your company logo – create more brand awareness
3. Use promotional banners to showcase marketing campaigns, events, or special offers.
4. Gain new followers for free by promoting your social media channels.
5. Personalise your signatures with centrally managed user photos.
6. Ensure your signatures comply with international email law by including appropriate legal disclaimers.
7. Inform your contacts of recent company awards, certificates or achievements.
8. Get fast customer feedback with one click feedback buttons.

One thing to remember when it comes to designing your email signature, is to check what it looks like on a mobile device. More and more people use their mobiles to view, send and reply to emails these days, so it’s extremely important that your signature works on mobile view. With Exclaimer it is simple to test new email signature designs.

Want to know more about Exclaimer? Contact us today!

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