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The Best Websites Are Always Evolving

You might have heard the expression “Good websites are never finished”. This means they need continual work to keep them updated and secure. Without regular updates and fixes your website is likely to be vulnerable. Your website can be a very powerful marketing tool for your company, but it maintaining it is crucial.

Website maintenance isn’t something that should only take place a couple of times. Website maintenance is like oil to keep your website optimised and functioning well. The key to success is continual improvement!

Keeping Your Website Relevant

The world is a fast-changing place in many aspects. Content you created even a year ago could well be obsolete now. Your business can also change over time and focus on a niche or different market area.

The content on your website should keep up with any company changes. If you have a team page, make sure this is updated when you gain new team members and also if you lose any. When you complete new projects, showcase them on your site.

Website Maintenance Update Content

You should be doing a full website content check at least every 6 months. Update any old blog posts with any new statistics or facts. This is a great way of reusing old content by making it more relevant to current readers. There is nothing worse than searching for a solution or facts online, but then realising it’s 5 years out of date.

In our blog “What is Website Maintenance?” we explain what website maintenance consists of and why it’s so important for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO requires constant work to enable search engines to notice your site and push it higher up the ranks. Search engines love content rich websites that are regularly updated. The quality of your content is more important than ever. Google will now look at how your content is giving value to your visitors.

Keeping your website content updated can be a challenge. Regular blog posts are a perfect way to engage with your visitors but also to put new, valuable content out there. This will also help attract and build backlinks. Quality backlinks are another way to help show you are an authority in your field. Search engines favour websites that are well maintained and updated.

Visitor Feedback

Feedback is critical to ensure your visitors can easily navigate and use your website. Asking for feedback via a short survey is good way to collect such information. Simply ask your clients if they found what they were looking for or how they feel your site could be improved. Getting first-hand feedback from those that are using your website is extremely valuable.

The success of a website depends on users finding the site, having a good look around it and returning at a later date. In order to correctly capture your visitors, you will need to analyse feedback you receive. This will help improve user experiences and give your website the competitive advantage.

Don't Forget About Your Website Maintenance!

Once you have invested time and money into getting your website live, the last thing you should do is take a step back and leave it at that. With continual maintenance the lifespan of your website will be significantly extended. The best websites are those that are always evolving and improving.

Make your website the best in your industry and ensure it is never finished! Contact us today for help with your website maintenance!

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