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Why use live chat software? (other than the fact it's free!)

In today’s digital world, more and more of us expect to access information fast. isn’t the #1 most widely used live chat app for nothing! Its completely secure and allows you to engage in real-time conversations with visitors on your website. There’s no limit on the number of agents or to the amount chat history or data you save.

Read on below to find out why so many organisations use and how it can benefit your business!

Ease of Use

The app is very self-explanatory and simple to navigate. There is mobile app for Android & ios which is great for smaller businesses and teams with multiple roles. Message your visitors on the go and never miss another chat. online academy is a store of tutorial videos, so should you get stuck, there is a bank of knowledge to help you out.
There is also a function enabling you to ban visitors by geo IP address to stop them from being able to chat if required for any reason.
Through a Zapier function called ‘Zap’, can also be connected to hundreds of other services pushing your team’s workflow to the next level of automation.

Ticket System

Up your customer service game with ticket function. When set up, this enables visitors to raise a ticket with a question or problem for your team to answer or solve.

Reply to visitors’ tickets and easily keep track of unresolved issues on the app.

Colleague Messaging

Message colleagues who are also set up as agents on Get help and support from your colleagues with technical or difficult questions from visitors.

This is perfect for teams working remotely as instead of being able to talk across an office which isnt possible when not working in the office, agents can message each other within the app.


Are you constantly getting asked the same questions? With you can create a bank of frequently asked questions and their answers using the knowledgebase function.

This enables your visitors to find answers to common questions even quicker than starting a chat. Knowledgebase has a simple to use block based rich text editor which also supports images, GIFs, code snippets and videos. It also has a translation function allowing you to easily support and help visitors from all over the world.

Another great feature of knowledgebase is that its constructed to be optimized for search engines and can easily be optimized by adding or changing meta data. You can also create ‘canned’ responses for commonly asked questions or certain phrases enabling you to respond quicker to your visitors.

Landing Page

Create a chat page – hosted landing page that lets you turn links into conversations.

Add links on social pages or posts to combine your social campaign with your chat page. Put chat page links on your email signatures and turn them into conversations too. This feature is excellent for virtual events or online exhibitions.

Reports & Dashboards

Monitor your website to see what pages your visitors are on in real-time and how many times they have visited before. Track engagement and learn more about your customers.

The app gives easy access to detailed key metrics such as number of chats, average chat duration, user satisfaction, and response time all displayed in dashboards and downloadable as reports.

Dashboards also cover the ticketing system with various boards showing, ticket volume, solved tickets, resolution time and so on. There are also dashboards showing metrics on chat pages and any articles published on your knowledge base.


Create custom alerts to inform your agents when a visitor starts chatting. Set up email notifications for chat alerts, ticket alerts, missed chats and also chat transcripts.

Set up customised triggers to pop-up when a visitor has been browsing your website for a certain amount of time or as soon as they enter the site. Enter a personalised message to let visitors know your agents are there and ready to help!


Hire an Agent or Virtual Assistant, Customise Chat Widget, Video Chat, Voice Calls, 2-Way Screen Sharing, with many more exciting features coming soon!

Pushed for resources but don’t want to go down the route of a chat bot? have the answer: hire a chat agent! Real humans highly skilled and trained to be customer service experts. Agents will spend time researching your industry and getting to know your business in order to provide the best service to your visitors and clients.

A hired agent is the perfect choice if your company serves a global market. Agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year and are bi-lingual so an excellent option for dealing with multiple time zones and other languages.

#1 Chat Software is so much more than just a live chat. It Supports 27 different languages, enables you to pass visitor chats onto other agents in a different department and includes fun additions such as a bank of 1880+ emojis. It’s no wonder that Forbes reports as “#1 with a 98% customer satisfaction score, millions of people use to interact with billions of customers.”

Sign up to today! Contact us if you need any help!

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