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Get Your Project Started

Plus, tips on how to decide what type is best for your business.

Researching a new website or even a re-design can be very daunting. What type of website is best?

When deciding the type of website for your business or brand you need to look at what you want the website to achieve.

What is the goal for this website?

What do you want out of it?

Who is your target audience?

Once you have established this you can look at the different types of website designs. These days with over 50% of web users being on mobile, every type of website design should be responsive, i.e. be fully functional whether viewed on mobile, desktop or tablet devices. The different types of websites all serve different purposes.

Read on below to find out which type is best suited to you or your business.

Portfolio Websites

A portfolio website design is primarily used to showcase products, services and or completed projects.

A portfolio design can be very informative and incorporate parts of other types of website design such as a blog section.

This type of website design is often used by creative companies and professionals. A large number of business websites are in fact portfolio sites.

Delta Website 1

Blog Websites

Blog sites are often used for personal brands to connect to and inspire their audiences by sharing their passion.

Blog websites can be used for so many different topics. From a financial advice site such as, food & recipe sites like to travel blogs like

Blog websites allow you create a community around topics you or your team are passionate about.

Landing Page Example

Landing Page

A landing page is mostly just a single page with a very specific purpose or call to action. This would be used in addition to your main website.

Landing pages are often used in marketing campaigns to attract new clients or to promote an offer.

Design wise, landing pages are simple, eye catching and have minimal amounts of text.

E-Commerce Websites

This is the online marketplace, a website design style where products can be viewed and purchased via the internet.

E-commerce sites allow companies to sell directly to their audience without a physical store or high street shop. This type of website design takes the user from product viewing right through to payment, shipping, and reviews.

A well-constructed e-commerce website makes it simple for users to purchase, and easy for your company to sell your products.


Personal Websites

Not all websites are for a business purpose. Some individuals create personal websites to promote awareness about a certain cause or just simply to share their experiences and wisdom with others.

A typical example of personal website is a resume site. This is as it sounds…a personal resume, just in the form of a website – a great way to impress potential clients or employers.

Having a resume or CV website that can be crawled by search engines is likely to present you with an increase in job opportunities.

ABC Building Services

Single Page Websites

This type of website is often used by personal brands to showcase projects and skills.

A small business may also start off with a one-page site as these are typically cheaper and also easier to maintain.

Single page websites are often referred to as “static” as they are not likely to be updated regularly.

There are obviously other types of websites such as directories like, social sites like Facebook, video streaming and content sharing sites like YouTube, crowdfunding site like Go Fund Me, news site like BBC, forum sites like Reddit….and so on….however these types of websites need a large investment so realistically are not suitable for smaller organisations.

Choosing the right type of website design is essential for the growth of your business. It’s also important to ensure that your choice is right for your target audience.

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