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....Plus Bonus Tips & Details On The #1 Best Chat Software To Use!

Live chats are a must have for every website. They are an excellent way to directly communicate with visitors on your site.

These days, most clients will visit your website before contacting you any other way. Chats enable you to answer questions quickly and easily and therefore helps to build trust with your clients and potential customers.

For your live chat to be most effective, you should either have it monitored by an agent or do this yourself.

Live Chat

Another way to do this would be to have a FAQ section on your chat widget, so should your chat be offline outside of normal working hours then visitors may still be able to find the answer to their question. People will expect your chat to be online during the working day and have someone ready to help them. Not having this could have a negative impact on the way your business is viewed.

  1. Build Trust – Live chats are instant; you are messaging in real-time. This enables you to assist potential clients with their questions, help them overcome any objections and ultimately reach a buying decision. Being online and ready to chat to visitors, allows you to build rapport, establish greater credibility and create trust in your business and brand. 63% of customers in a survey said they were more likely to return to a website that had a live chat. (Source: Furst Person)


  1. Improve Visitor Experience – A study from ATG into Global Consumer Trends found that 90% of customers said the “Live Chat” button gives them confidence that they can get help if they need it. It has been proven in other studies that consumers often prefer answers via a live chat rather than contacting businesses other ways. Having a live chat that has an agent


  1. Understand Your Clients Needs Better – Messaging a client through your website chat feature often allows you to ask more about their needs than with other means of communicating. Chat transcripts can be saved and gone back over to provide consumer-based staff training. Live chat history can help businesses collect information on consumer behaviour, expectations, requirements and therefore make any necessary changes.


  1. Increased Leads & Conversion Rates – According to LTV Plus, chat conversion statistics show that adding a live chat feature to your website can improve conversions by 12%. This is mostly due to the fact that consumers want answers whilst they are on your website, when they get that, they are more likely to convert to an enquiry or sale.


  1. Competitive Advantage – 42% of businesses think consumers prefer the phone (Source: Kayako) It’s surprising how many websites out there still don’t have a live chat feature. It is likely that a least some of your competition will not be using live chat on their website, this will mean you should be able to give your clients and potential buyers the information they need ahead of your competition. It’s a relatively simple way you can be ahead of your competitors and promote your business as different to them.

Tips & Best Practices

  • Its always best to have a human responding as opposed to a bot feature as although bots have improved massively in the last few years, they are still not perfect.
  • Ensure your staff know how to use it – introduce a training session if needed. Tawk have many videos on their website and YouTube explaining all aspects of their live chat software.
  • Make sure you contact and follow-up on any chats you miss
  • Use your chat history to build up a “knowledge base” of frequently asked questions.
Tawk Chat Partner

The #1 Best Live Chat Software

To be honest, there is only one website chat solution we would recommend. Tawk…. It’s free, simple to use and ranked #1 according to users, with a 98% customer satisfaction score!

With Tawk you can monitor visitor activity in real time, collaborate and assign conversations, easily answer questions, share knowledge, and create tickets.


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More About Tawk Live Chat

Tawk has a desktop and mobile app allowing you to respond to chat messages on the go. These apps give very useful and detailed insights into the visitors that browse your website. You can see how long they spent, where they are based, how many pages they visited, how many times that person has visited before and much more!

There are additional features available – these do cost but are very competitively priced. You can hire an agent to respond to incoming chats or a virtual assistant to help with your mundane tasks. Tawk offer a package with video, voice and screensharing abilities making it even easier to communicate with your clients and potential customers.

Tawk chat software is by far the best out there and gives you more free features than most, if not all other chat software.

Check out Tawk website or contact us for more details!

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