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Graphic design is so much more than just colours and shapes, its texture, space, alignment, balance, unity, contrast, lines, typography, illustrations, images, animation…. all pieced together to create aesthetically pleasing, yet functioning and meaningful visuals.

As graphic design has so many contributing elements, its hardly surprising how powerful it can be when used effectively in commercial environment.

1. First Impressions

Good design creates good first impressions. First impressions are very important as they set the tone of how consumers view your brand and organisation ongoing. Once a perception of a brand/company has been created, it is very difficult to change. In the past, first impressions were mostly created face-to-face with an individual or by visiting a company. In the modern society, with the acceleration in growth of the digital world, many first impressions are made online (websites & social media) and can easily be made without businesses knowing. A potential client is likely to have done some online research about your company before any business relationship has begun. Professional, consistent design is a great way to influence first impressions, showcase your brand and build stronger relationships with your clients.

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2. Consumer Trust

Consistent design will help build strong consumer trust. It cannot be emphasised enough; how essential it is to be consistent in your design, so as to build a strong foundation that consumers will seek and have confidence in. Building a strong consistent brand creates credibility and promotes word of mouth recommendations.
Billy Samoa Saleebey has an excellent podcast interview with personal brand evangelist, Lorena Acosta, it’s called “How to Build a Personal Brand” In the interview, Lorena Acosta explains the importance of being consistent in your family setting, but then how that also applies to your business and brand. Here is a link to the podcast, Click Here! – it’s a must to listening to!

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3. Trends

Know when to follow trends. Keeping up with trends and knowing when to re-design your logo or website is key to staying ahead of the competition. Whilst it is good practise to be different from your competition and stand out, outdated designs can create the perception of obsolete business practices and products.
Even large and famous brands like Coca-Cola update their designs to follow trends to keep up with what their consumers are wanting to see.

4. Social Presence

Great design can boost your social presence. It makes your content easier to read, so consumers are more likely to take time to browse your posts and blogs. Eye-catching designs that enhance the value of the content you have created will help make an emotional connection with your audience and form more loyal clients.

5. Brand Recognition

Over 50% of people worldwide are visual learners, so this makes design an incredibly important part of every business. How many times have you, in your mind pictured colours or a logo design but couldn’t remember the name of company associated with it? Great graphic design enables an organisation to be recognised from their colour palette or logo icon. Having bold designs and using carefully selected colours, enables your brand to stand out from the crowd and sets you apart from your competition.


6. Professionalism

Well designed logo, and other graphics will give your business a professional feel. Strategical designs speak volumes about the culture and practises of the businesses they represent. Your brand should mirror the exceptional services/products that you offer. In the competitive environment we experience today, professional designs are extremely valuable to give your business the edge over others and make a long-lasting impression on clients and prospective clients.

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7. Communication

Graphic design can act as a visual support to information by creating value and connections with the target audience.

By producing designs that convey a clear, concise message, you will reach through to your audience in a much greater way.  As the English adage says: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Don’t let anyone ever convince you into thinking the effect graphic design can have on your organisation is minimal. It’s huge! Utilising design can improve every area of your business resulting in an increased profitability and competitive advantage. However, always be careful when re-designing a brand, as too much change can adversely affect your organisation. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek professional advise.

Remember, be creative, be bold but be consistent and professional.

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