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What is a logo and why is the design so important?

Your logo is the visual representation of your business.

A logo is generally made up of an icon and a typography (text) element, these two aspects are pulled together to create a logo.

That logo then becomes part of your organisations’ branding and corporate identity.

Graphic Design

Logos should symbolize what an organisation does, (i.e. its’ products or services), what it stands for (i.e. its’ values, ethics, and culture), the company name and be relevant to its target market.

A professional graphic design company will take account of all these points as they are key to producing a professional logo design and essential to building up a strong brand.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Pre-made logos are created with many different businesses and industries in mind. However, when it comes to branding and graphic design for your business the “one size fits all” approach can lead to confusion and long-term damage to your company image.

With a pre-made logo, it is likely that there will be many other businesses using the same design, these businesses could be across many industries. It will not be unique to you or your market which can be confusing to your clients and target audience.

We often, even subconsciously, identify companies or products by their logos but only due to the fact they are unique to those organisations. It would, for example, be much more difficult to distinguish between Pepsi and Coca-Cola if their logos were nearly identical.

Unique branding, logo and graphic design is crucial for your business to establish a strong base in today’s competitive marketplace.

Legal Implications

The fact that pre-made logos are widely available for the thousands of other businesses out there to use, can result in a very messy legal battle with another corporation.

Should you at some point wish to trademark your logo, it’s highly probable that your application would be refused. This will be due to the many other businesses using that ready-made logo.

Even if the logo you purchased was granted a licence by the vendor, in a court of law, it is absolutely meaningless as your company has no direct rights over that logo.


An off the shelf logo may be cheap in the short-term, but by using it you run the risk of having to pay large sums of money to try and settle a legal case against you.

Your Story

Every business has a story behind it, how it was incorporated or born or maybe it’s part of your family’s legacy. Everyone loves a good story and sharing yours creates an emotional link that encourages people to purchase from you.

A professionally designed logo can assist in telling your story and help your audience remember your company.

A well-designed logo will create a lasting impression with your clients and help them to remember your company.

Business Story

A pre-made logo, however, is not unique to you so it won’t represent your story like a professional logo design would.

You might have an amazing story to your business but if your logo doesn’t give a good first impression of professionalism, its probable that the impact of your story will weaken. Such logos are also often poor quality and difficult to use in all scenarios, so it may work on your website and email signatures but not when printed.

This all implies even more if you have a personal brand. Personal brands are all about you and your individual story and means your connection with your clients is also that much more personal. Having a generic, ready-made logo will damage your brands’ uniqueness; the quality and trust factor of your brand will be undermined.

Your Business, Your Brand, Your Logo

Small businesses often start out with a pre-made logo as it seems the cheapest and easiest route to take. However, it can stunt the growth of a business if the logo and branding is not helping to build up credibility and good reputation. If your logo looks unprofessional, it may result in turning away the audience you are wanting to attract.

At Guzzbury Studio, we believe that every business is unique, so your brand and logo design should be unique too. To create and build up brand loyalty from your clients, it is essential your corporate identity portrays quality.
This doesn’t just apply to new businesses starting out, its also very important to take note of all the above points when carrying out a re-brand in your organisation.

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